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It's often said that reaching infinity is impossible. Yet at INFINITI of Norwood, we help people reach INFINITI every day. At INFINITI of Norwood, we make it easy to indulge in all the wonderful stylings and comforts of the finest luxury vehicles on the market. And when you consider INFINITI's unmatched safety and performance, you'll understand why INFINITI vehicles are driven by those who deserve - and demand - the very best.



A Shopping Experience as Luxurious As Our Vehicles.


Upon entering our bright 50,000 sq ft showroom, you’ll experience a relaxing serenity that has more in common with your favorite spa than an automotive dealership. The elegant vehicle displays and soothing ambiance provide a welcoming invitation into the world of INFINITI luxury.

Our friendly staff is always there to greet you and answer your questions. We’ll be happy to show you around, or if you’d prefer, offer you the freedom to browse comfortably at your leisure. Above all, we promise to respect you and your time throughout your visit.

In fact, the only pressure you may experience will be from the hot steamer on the Cappuccino machine located in our comfortable customer lounge. Please help yourself to a cup, or to any of our other fine beverages available to our guests. And of course, with hours to suit your busy lifestyle, you can rest assured that INFINITI of Norwood is there to serve you at times that are convenient to your schedule.

We know that you will enjoy your experience at INFINITI of Norwood. After all, we believe INFINITI luxury should begin the moment you walk through our doors....and continue on through your own INFINITI.



23 / 31 MPG
2017 Q50
2017Q50 HYBRID
27 / 32 MPG
2017 Q50 Hybrid
19 / 28 MPG
2017 Q60
21 / 30 MPG
2017 Qx30
17 / 24 MPG
2017 Qx50
20 / 27 MPG
2017 Qx60
25 / 27 MPG
2017 Qx60 Hybrid
2017 Qx70
14 / 20 MPG
2017 Qx80

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